“Generations of Change”
Acrylic on canvas


I’m a self-taught painter using primarily acrylics in multiple forms (spray, marker, tube) on canvas. My love for hip-hop in the late 70′s and early 80′s was complemented by my love for graffiti. Years of imitating what I saw in movies (“Wild Style”), music videos and concerts, and neighborhoods (dad lived in Harlem for a while) led to a style I dubbed HierograffTM. HierograffTM is the convergence of influences from ancient tribal markings, most popularly represented by Egyptian hieroglyphs, and modern-day gaffiti. My pieces often display a combination of icons, abstract lines, and my own signature markings.

I created my very first piece, “Who Am I?” one weekend in 2004 on a whim. I wanted to see if I could create something that was spiritually and aesthetically pleasing to me. Did all my years of sketching and drawing and doodling just for fun develop a latent artist within me who just needed an outlet? Well, the answer for me was a resounding “yes.” I liked what I saw and felt a unique satisfaction with the product. Since that weekend, I have created more pieces, many of which were shown at my first, and so far only, solo show in 2005.